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Welcome to Brumbaugh Lumber LLC

Family owned and operated since 1982

Brumbaugh Lumber LLC is always looking for dedicated and experienced employees!

Welcome to Brumbaugh Lumber LLC

Located in South Central Pennsylvania along Route 522 in Shirleysburg

Brumbaugh Lumber LLC is a family owned and operated mill located in south central Pennsylvania along Route 522 in Shirleysburg. Founded in 1982, the mill provides professional lumber services to the Northeastern region of the United States. Brumbaugh Lumber – Shirleysburg PA has experienced forestry team is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative of Pennsylvania and is committed to the environment and wildlife of our region. We protect the health of our woodlands so future generations can enjoy one of the Nation’s greatest resources.

Whether you are a private land owner looking for a select cut or a corporation looking for a more extensive land clearing, we have the knowledge, expertise, experience, and equipment to handle your harvesting or land clearing needs. When you call Brumbaugh Lumber, you can expect polite service, knowledgeable staff, and honest answers.

In addition to harvesting and land clearing, our sawmill also produces select quality grade lumber, timbers, ties, planks, blocking, crane mats, and mulch products for both commercial and residential customers.

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Meet our team

Corey Brumbaugh of A photo of some of the family of Brumbaugh Lumber - Shirleysburg PA

Corey Brumbaugh


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Wes Brumbaugh



“Brumbaugh Lumber – Shirleysburg PA,  has been delivering hardwood chips for our biomass boiler system for several years. They are dependable with on time deliveries and quality products. Our school district depends on quality products and professional drivers, Brumbaugh Lumber continues to provide both.”



Commercial Products:
Grade Lumber Products
All Rail-Related Ties and Blocking
Crane Mats
Single, Double, and Premium Mulch in Large Quantities

Consumer Products:
Available to customers at our Shirleysburg office. More info below.

2023 Mulch Pricing

Our bucket is equivalent to a yard and a third bucket of product. Please contact our office for bulk ordering discounts.

“As part of our commitment to sustainable forestry, Brumbaugh Lumber – Shirleysburg PA uses every part of the tree. We use the bark for our mulch program, and the rest of the tree goes into our lumber products such as grade, tie, pallets, etc. Even the sawdust is used for pellets.”

Corey Brumbaugh


“Our family has been in the timber harvesting business for three generations. Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation in our area for fair dealings and this allows us to source all the forest products we need locally.” 

Wes Brumbaugh



When Brumbaugh Lumber – Shirleysburg PA is contacted to evaluate timber, we take the time to meet with the landowner to discuss his or her goals for the property. We make it our mission to align and customize our forest management plan to the landowner’s specific needs such as revenue, wildlife, beauty, and recreation, to insure they get the very best out of their property.

Timber management views your land as an investment. Proper management of forestland can maximize the value of your property and keep it healthy for generations. Forest regeneration and health are the main focus of our timber management polities. Some of the common types are:

Timber Stand Improvement: With this plan, our number one goal is to improve the quality of the timber on your land. We cut out the lower value or damaged trees and leave the higher quality trees to grow. This helps the growth of your current, high-value trees. Short term payout is moderate, but long term payout is significant because the quality of the wood on your property is greatly improved.

Shelter Wood: With this plan, we take all of the smaller diameter trees and leave the larger, mature trees for reseeding. This helps to generate a more desirable forest. We can harvest this again in anywhere from six to ten years. At that time, we re-enter the site and cut the larger trees out. The end goal is to have sixty percent coverage. This creates a higher quality of tree and a steady, recurring income stream.

Over Story Removal (OSR): OSR, sometimes called clear cutting, removes all trees from a specific area. This usually involves one part of the forest at a time. This maximizes sunlight reaching the ground and promotes ideal regeneration. The yield on a clear cut (short term gain) can be high, but it then takes a long time for the forest to regrow in these areas. Regeneration quality is greatly improved, providing you with a move valuable forest.

We can use any combination of the above cutting methods to achieve your goals. In addition, we also offer long term timber management plans that cover a ten or twenty year period.

Contact a member of our team today to set up a meeting and/or inquire about pricing.

Land Clearing

Land Clearing

“We utilize both mechanized and conventional crews in order to reduce damage to the original stand and to minimize environmental impact and erosion. Our equipment can reach out twenty feet and harvest the desirable trees without doing harm to the surrounding timber. When mechanization isn’t an option, our conventional crews have decades of experience successfully harvesting sensitive sites. We strive to have a minimum negative impact on the environment.” – Wes Brumbaugh, Co-Owner

We are fully equipped to offer the highest quality land clearing services. We offer land clearing operations from small, local contractor jobs to individual builders.

We are prepared to offer land clearing for:

  • Commercial and Residential Developments
  • Food Plots
  • Government Projects (Roads, etc.)
  • Airports
  • Wind and Cell Phone Towers
  • Marcellus Shale


Company History:

Brumbaugh Lumber Company was originally founded in 1982 by Chester and Carma Brumbaugh. In 1986, Chester bought his second sawmill, which subsequently burnt down in 1987. To keep up with demand, the Shirleysburg mill ran two shifts for a few years. In 1994, Chester and Carma decided on a major expansion, upgrading and installing a double-cut band head saw. This increased efficiency and production while cutting down on sawdust.

Chester and Carma continued to run the mill along Route 522 until their retirement in July of 2004. At that time, their sons, Corey and Wesley, assumed ownership of the existing mill and incorporated the business into Brumbaugh Lumber, LLC.

Corey and Wesley have been involved with all aspects of the timber business for most of their lives. At an early age, they accompanied their father and grandfather into the woods to learn the logging end of the business. During their high school years, they actively worked in the woods or the sawmill. Growing up in the industry helped them to learn and understand the ins and outs in a way that few get the opportunity to experience.

While Corey and Wes share decisions involved with the day-to-day operations of the mill, Corey focuses on the Sales side of the business and Wes on Purchasing.

In order to maintain a ready supply of logs to saw, Brumbaugh Lumber LLC not only bids on and cuts standing tracts of timber, but also buys material from local loggers who deliver to the mill each week. Today, ninety percent of our products are produced and shipped to buyers throughout Pennsylvania and the surrounding states, with the remaining ten percent being exported to Canada. Corey and Wes, along with their dedicated employees, have worked hard to expand the company from where it started and hope to pass on the family business to the next generation.

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